NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon gets revenge on a reporter with high-speed hidden cam prank for Pepsi

Don't get on Jeff Gordon's bad side. That's the message here.

A year ago, the 42-year-old stock car driver took exception to a report by automotive journalist Travis Okulski , who writes for, that exposed how a viral video Gordon did with Pepsi was faked.

So what's the NASCAR legend do? Plot and scheme his revenge, planning a massive prank on Okulski.

The journalist was told he was getting a rare chance to drive Chevy's Corvette Z06 but it was all a set-up.

As Okulski writes about the prank from his perspective, "I'm a bad passenger in a car, I always have been, but this is slightly different. See, I was just kidnapped by an ex-con in the back of a cab that is now speeding down a hill, busting through a chain fence and narrowly missing buildings while trying to get away from a North Carolina State Trooper." 

You can watch the video below or by clicking here .


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