Minnesota teen Noah Graham survives rare wolf attack

LAKE WINNEBIGOSHISH, Minn. - A teenager attacked by a wolf on a camping trip in Minnesota is now speaking about the experience.

Noah Graham was laying in a sleeping bag when a 75-pound grey wolf approached and mauled him.

"I could feel it rip into my head," Graham told WCCO, as the wolf clamped its jaws on his skull. To survive, Graham had to muster all the strength he could, pulling his head from out of the wolf's jaws.

"I thought for sure it was going to come back at me and that's the scary part," Graham said.

The 16-year-old needed 17 staples to close a laceration and has several scratches.

The wolf authorities believe attacked Graham has been tracked down and put to sleep. It will also be tested for rabies.

Wolf attacks in humans are very rare. Wildlife experts said this was the first in Minnesota's history. Only two deaths in North America have ever been attributed to wolf attacks.

Authorities said the wolf had a deformed jaw which may have caused it to struggle hunting down prey and search the campground.

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