Military dad surprises daughter for birthday, moment captures hearts across country

SALT LAKE CITY - A special reunion a lifetime in the making is capturing hearts around the country on YouTube.

Five-year-old Bailey Page was in her kindergarten class in Salt Lake City, Utah, showing other kids pictures of things she loved. Things like chocolate sundaes, hot chocolate, and of course, her dad.

That's when Sgt. Adam Page walked into her classroom and surprised her for her birthday.

"How did you ever make it, dad? How did you ever make it?" Bailey repeatedly asked on the home video. She hadn't seen her dad in nearly 10 months and didn't expect him home for a visit until this summer.

Sgt. Page has been in the Army for seven years and has never been home long enough to live with his daughter. But that's about to change. He's been redeployed to Utah and for the first time, they'll get to live together as a family.

"That's the only birthday present I wanted was to see you," Bailey said as she wiped her eyes with a tissue.

You can also watch the reunion video here:

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