Man gives away $8K Super Bowl tickets to person who gains him most Twitter followers after break-up

CLEVELAND - If you were looking for free Super Bowl tickets valued at $8,000, your chance is up.

Jason Elia, a TV writer from Nashville, spent $8,000 on two tickets to Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. But a series of unfortunate events led him to want to give the tickets away to the person who gained him the most Twitter followers.

In November, Elia told ESPN 97.5 in Houston that doctors told him he had bladder cancer. When he told his girlfriend his diagnosis, she dumped him -- right before he was planning to propose.

So, Elia was left with the $8,000 tickets that his girlfriend thought belonged to her. Using #WinMyExsSuperBowlTickets on Twitter, Elia launched a contest to give the tickets away to a pair of other football-loving fans.

Elia gained 9,600 Twitter followers and plans to announce the person who will be given the pricey tickets on Tuesday.

Yahoo reported Elia has an almost 90 percent chance of survival.

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