Black Friday 2012: Mad rush at Victoria's Secret Pink at Kansas mall

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - It kind of looked like a Justin Bieber concert.

What seemed like thousands of teen girls and young women crowded the entrance at Victoria's Secret Pink at Oak Park Mall as it prepared to open the gate to Black Friday shoppers at midnight the day after Thanksgiving.

Mall security guards attempted to control the crowd outside the store, which was really more like a hundred or so, as the gate went up. But the crowd was pushing its way in, so a store manager had to step in.

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In the end, cooler heads prevailed. No major incidents were reported at the Pink store or anywhere at Oak Park Mall.

"Obviously there's a little craziness because that's what Black Friday's all about," Oak Park Mall spokeswoman Jennifer Robinson said.

More than 40 stores at Oak Park Mall opened their doors at midnight, Robinson said, but the mall let people in the building at 11:30 so people could safely get to the store of their choice.

"We knew we had big crowds," Robinson said, "but we had even bigger crowds than expected."

The biggest crowds were at Pink and the main Victoria's Secret store, she said. Pink saw more than 800 people in the first couple of hours alone.

See how it all went down in the media player above. Mobile users can see the video on YouTube at

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