In what society do people live longest? CIA World Factbook says Monaco

CLEVELAND - While the real Fountain of Youth remains undiscovered, there seems to be a few places across the globe where people are living longer.

Looking through death certificates and recording cause of death, gender, race, and several other factors, the CIA compiled the data and put it into the World Factbook. According the U.S. News Health, it calculated the world's average life expectancy at 67.6 years and determined in which societies people live longest.

While the average life expectancy of 78 years in the United States is well above the world average, the U.S. didn't even make the top 10 longevity hotspots. In fact, we come in at number 50.

The World Factbook gives the human longevity honor to Monaco, with its relaxing atmosphere, wealth, and access to health care. Not to mention people living there eat food known for reducing health problems. On average, those residing in the Mediterranean society live to be 89 years old.

European and Asian nations rounded out most of the top 10 longest-living spots. Availability of health care seemed to be the biggest factor leading to a society's shorter or lengthier life span.

10. Italy
9. Australia
8. Hong Kong
7. Guernsey
6. Andorra
5. San Marino
4. Singapore
3. Japan
2. Macau
1. Monaco

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