Experience your own zombie apocalypse for $189

It sounds like something right out of the movies: 15 survivors trapped in an enclosed area fighting off zombies.

But it is more than just another horror story – you can find this adrenaline-and-blood soaked adventure at The Mall in Reading, Berkshire, in the England.

And no, it won't be playing on a big screen at the mall's cinema – participants will be living it. Production company Zed Events has created a totally-involved zombie experience and you can take part for just 119 British pounds, or $189 U.S.

According to information from Zed's website , the four-hour interactive occurrence with the undead is split up into two rounds: A full-on battle with zombies and then a video-game like mission that participants must carry out.

If you're looking for a similar scare on this side of the pond, you might be out of luck until October.

Atlanta's Zombie Apocalypse will open this fall and give visitors a chance to take up to 20 shots at "a live undead zombie." Zombie Manor in Arlington, Texas, also gives visitors an interactive run-in with zombies during the Halloween season.

If you'd rather be a zombie than fight them, it might be worth your while to visit Junction City, Kansas. Zombie Toxin Haunted House is looking for a few good ghouls to frighten visitors this fall.

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