Deer appears frozen in lake in Golden, Colorado

Crews waiting for evaluation of ice thickness

GOLDEN, Colo. - It would be too dangerous to try to rescue a deer stuck in an icy lake in Golden, Colorado Parks and Wildlife district officials said.

Neighbor Carol Malin spotted the large mule deer and called the fire department on Thursday.
"It's quite a way out there [on the lake]," Malin said. "It's a beautiful animal."

Coors sent a crew with a boat and a winch to the scene to discuss rescuing the animal.

The deer is not exactly frozen into the lake, it can move, but it can't get out. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife district spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said they have no plans to try to rescue it, for now.

Churchill said crews may begin 'hazing' the animal by yelling and making noise to try to scare it, hoping that might help get him out of the lake.

Churchill said the deer appears to be in good condition. She says there is no indication the animal has broken through the ice and it is not struggling.

The deer is stranded several hundred feet offshore and drawing a crowd of onlookers.

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