Could you do your boss' job better?

Do you ever think you could do a better job than your boss?

If so, you're not alone.

A new study finds almost half of workers say they could do their boss' job... and do it better.

Also, a third of them believe their boss is ineffective.

So, what makes a bad boss, according to this survey?

One who doesn't listen to their employees, doesn't motivate them to do their best, and doesn't involve them in decision-making that affects them.

Other lacking traits: honesty, courtesy, and respect.

Nearly half of the people surveyed said they had left a job mainly because of a boss they didn't like.

Hopefully, you have a better relationship with your bosses than these people do.

But, do agree with the study?

Also, tell us about your worst boss, and what made them so awful!

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