Columbus, Ohio's Zack Brown raises more than $35,000 on Kickstarter for potato salad party

COLUMBUS, Ohio - It started in his kitchen and now an Ohio man’s Kickstarter campaign is drawing support from all over the globe.

What’s it for: Some cool new technology? An indie film? A book project or art or toys?

Nope. Potato salad. It’s for potato salad.

That’s right. Zack “Dangerous” Brown of Columbus, Ohio, wanted to make some potato salad for a summer cookout. So he set up a Kickstarter to get $10 in donations.

But even he couldn’t believe what happened next.

With 10 days still to go, people from the world over have pledged more than $35,000, and Brown has reciprocated, promising to throw a potato salad party for anyone who has donated $10 or more.

Why? Because, he says, “The internet loves potato salad!”

Click here to check out his campaign where you can donate if you want rewards like a potato salad T-shirt or a literal shout-out while he’s making the potato salad.


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