Chess grandmaster Sergey Kudrin to compete in simultaneous matches against dozens of kids in Detroit

DETROIT - A chess grandmaster is to play simultaneous matches against 40 to 50 children at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The so-called simul competition featuring Sergey Kudrin is scheduled for Friday. Kudrin achieved his grandmaster title in 1984.

He's set to take on members of the Detroit City Chess Club. DCCC members range from 5 to 18 years old and have won national, regional and state competitions.

Coach Kevin Fite uses simuls to develop the skills of his players, and they have competed in several such competitions at the DIA.

Fite started the club 10 years ago as a lunchtime activity at Duffield Elementary School in Detroit. The program expanded to allow the participation of former Duffield students as well as students from across the metropolitan area.

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