Brazil pet spas: Pet motels in Brazil have unique offerings

BRAZIL - A love motel for pets in Brazil is actually in great demand by pet owners. It's part of a larger complex dedicated to animal lovers and their furry friends.

It includes mirrors on the ceiling and frisky nibbling on a bed.

For about $50, dogs can enjoy a bit of foreplay at Brazil's first love motel for pets.

While some think it's a bit pricey, others said they would do anything for their dog.

The motel in Brazil is part of Animalle Mundo Pet, a new pet complex in Belo Horizonte, where you can find everything from chocolate biscuits to assisted reproduction experts.

Clients who go there don't think of their pets as animals, rather like members of the family, calling them "my son" or "my brother."

In Brazil, a decade of prosperity propelled millions into the middle class and fueled a demand for pets of all kinds, but especially dogs.

Breeds like Shih Tzus and Italian Greyhounds have become new symbols of economic status.

Brazil is now the world's 5th largest market for pet accessories, worth about $9 billion in 2011.

And it's expected to keep growing at double digits.

Dog leashes embedded with crystals, pet spas, and animal daycares are the latest fashion. Many restaurants even offer dog menus, even beef-flavored non-alcoholic dog beer.

Now, this is a dog's life.