BEST viral videos of 2012: Gangnam Style, man excited about trains, and cutest cats you'll see

Millions of videos are uploaded online every year, but only a select few actually go viral.

So what makes one clip take off while others sit unwatched?

From breakout star PSY's unexpected YouTube dominance to one man's rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" from the back seat of a police vehicle, it has been a busy year in the world of buzzworthy videos.

See the list of the top 15 viral videos of 2012 below.


Girl gets bitten by a dolphin at SeaWorld

A girl was with her family at SeaWorld Orlando when a dolphin got a little too close.

Click NEXT to check out the cutest kittens you will see all day

The biggest tennis fans with four legs

These kittens are big fans of the game of tennis. They don't miss a beat!

A cell phone commercial that leaves a lot to the imagination NEXT

A cellphone commercial for parents only

This commercial went viral fast! See for yourself why this simple cellphone advertisement has millions of views.

The NEXT video could be the most popular song to come out in years

Gangnam Style takes over the world

This video is the most "liked" video YouTube has ever seen.

The guy in this NEXT video made the most of his recent arrest

Drunk guy sings Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

This could be the best drunken rendition of a Queen song ever!

This NEXT video will make Democrats AND Republicans laugh

A bad lip reading of a Presidential debate

This political lip dub will make both Obama and Romney supporters laugh.

The NEXT video might make you cringe

A Lamborghini crashes right into another car

This guy tries to show off...and he pays for it. Hope it wasn't a rental.

See what gets the NEXT guy so excited

A guy very excited about trains

This guy is really excited about trains! See if you can watch this without laughing.

This NEXT video could be the best commercial of the year

A VERY big surprise in a small town

These citizens of a small town got a loud surprise.

The NEXT video will make you look twice at deer crossings

Lady is upset about deer crossings

This lady would like the deer crossings to be moved, she says they are too inconvenient.

This NEXT video shows you that celebrities are just like you and me

Jay-Z rides the subway in New York

What would you do if rapper Jay-Z showed up on your subway?

Ice hurts A LOT, see how much in the NEXT clip

Diving onto ice

Jumping onto a frozen pool is never a good idea, this guy is evidence of that.

This NEXT video upset many people around the world

Children on bus make bus monitor cry

This video upset millions of people worldwide, who spoke out against bullying. Bus monitor Karen Klein was recognized and thanked after the video went public.

The NEXT video was played almost 100 million times worldwide in 2012

KONY 2012

The video made by Invisible Children has received both criticism and praise.

This NEXT video might scare you!

Scary elevator prank in Brazil

This video might make you a little bit scared to ride in an elevator next time.

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