551-pound man in Treasure Island, Florida wants sentence reduction to visit family & friends in Ohio

Too obese for prison?
A federal judge thinks this 551-pound man from Treasure Island, Florida is, saying he would be too much of a burden for the Bureau of Prisons.
Now that man, Steven Goodman wants a sentence reduction.
The 70-year-old is currently serving a 30-month sentence of house arrest for his role in a massive South Florida pill mill ring.
The former pharmacist pled guilty in 2012. He was accused of supplying more than 1 million oxycodone and other prescription pills to illegal pain management clinics throughout South Florida. 
The judge sentenced Goodman to confinement in his Treasure Island home followed by four years of probation and a $25,000 fine. The sentence was mainly due to his size. His multitude of medical and emotional issues (obesity, sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, multiple colon polyps) left him reportedly in need of an almost around-the-clock caregiver. They also cited the fact he would be unable to fit in a prison bed. 
At the time, a doctor surmised he had only one to three years left to live.
But this week Goodman's case resurfaced in court. A judge just rejected a motion filed by his Tampa-based attorney to end the remainder of his home confinement. 
His attorney, Edward Page, argued that home confinement was "both unnecessary and futile because his physical and medical condition effectively confines him to his home."
Goodman wanted to spend what time he had left without the electronic monitoring so he could travel to Cincinnatti, Ohio to see his family and friends "one last time before he dies."
But Judge Kenneth Marra was unmoved. He denied his request writing, "But for the defendant's obesity, he would have been given a prison sentence." He went on to say "to reduce the period of home confinement will result in the elimination of the only real form of punishment" he received in this case. 
Criminal defense attorney Joe Episcopo was not surprised. 
"That's a bridge too far to cross. He got a good deal. He got a good break and he should be happy with that,
 Episcopo said.
No one answered at the Treasure Island address listed for Goodman in property records. Over the phone, Goodman told ABC Action News he "has nothing to say." 
Calls and emails to Page on Thursday went unreturned. 


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