3 new planets discovered in distant solar system that could sustain human life

Do you believe that is other life out there? NASA's powerful Kepler Telescope has discovered three new planets in distant solar systems that could be habitable and sustain life.

NASA scientists said two of the planets are part of the Kepler-62 five planet system, known as Kepler-62-E and Kepler-62-F.

A third planet has been found in the Kepler-69 system and is called Kepler-69-C.

All three planets orbit a star similar to our sun and they are all in something called the habitable zone. That is the area near a star like our sun that can theoretically hold liquid water.

Scientists also said they believe these planets have a temperature similar to that of earth. But there is no way to know for sure. The plants are so far away, actually light years away, and we do not have the technology yet to travel there to find out for sure.

This is not the first time NASA's Kepler Telescope discovered new planets that could possibly sustain life. Back in 2011, a planet named Kepler-22-B was discovered.

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