25 years ago, toddler Jessica McClure was finally pulled from abandoned well

CLEVELAND - It was a story that captivated the nation and touched off an emotional round the clock vigil. Twenty-five years ago, baby Jessica McClure was finally freed from an abandoned well in Midland, Texas.

The 18-month-old fell into the narrow shaft two days earlier on Oct. 14, 1987.

It took hours of plotting and decision making to decide on a course of action to free the girl, and it was all caught on TV cameras. Eventually, dozens of rescuers tunneled up and under her.

Then ,as the whole nation watched glued to their television sets, paramedics were able to squeeze into a parallel passageway and slide Jessica out of the hole 22-feet underground.

The toddler suffered only minor injuries.

Today, Jessica McClure Morales is 26, married and is a happy mom.

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