500 evacuations caused by train derailment in Trumbull County, crews still assessing scene for dange

NEWTON FALLS, Ohio - A train derailment in Trumbull County caused crews to evacuate hundreds of people Monday morning after there was a fear of a chemical leak.

The 111-car train derailed near North Center Street and Franklin Street in Newton Falls early Monday morning. Not all of the cars were knocked off the tracks, but some of the cars that derailed did fall off a bridge and onto the road below.

CSX told NewsChannel5 that 14 cars derailed, striking a train that was stationary on the tracks. There were no chemical spills or injuries in the incident, the company said.

"It was unbelievably loud. I knew something was wrong," said Jane Sherman, who lives near the tracks.

The train was headed from Willard, Ohio to Cumberland, Maryland, CSX said.

According to the Newton Fall fire chief, four of the train cars were chlorine tankers, but they were not involved in the derailment and it's not known if they were full. He said he be believes at this point, no chemicals spilled as a result of the derailment.

Emergency crews at the scene said there was a concern that a refrigeration car was leaking ammonia, but that did not turn out to be the case.

Hazmat teams are at still the scene to make sure there is no danger during the cleanup process. Once the derailed cars are moved, CSX expect the 500 evacuated residents to be able to return to their homes.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol brought in a helicopter earlier in the day to fly over the area with hazmat workers to get a view of the scene from above.

Newton Falls police blocked off about nine streets in that area. The FBI also responded to the scene

CSX estimated it will take days, if not weeks to determine the cause of the incident.

NewsChannel5 has a crew at the scene. Keep checking newsnet5.com for more information.

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