Strongsville seniors among the thousands waiting for restored power

Couple on 5th day without electricity

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - The forecast inside the home of Marge and John Wilder's Strongsville home is continued shivering and increasing frustration.

The couple, both 73, lost electricity on Monday, Oct. 29 after hearing a big bang from the storm that ravaged northeast Ohio. It's possible they will not get their power back until Monday, Nov. 5 -- one full week later.

"It is difficult because you keep thinking everyday that the power is going to come on. At this point in my life, sitting in the cold and dark doesn't exactly excite me," John Wilder said.

Wilder has Parkinson's Disease and the stress of living without electricity is a trigger for his tremors.

"When things get too bad, I just shake a lot," John Wilder said.

The couple lives on Hazelwood Drive, where a cluster of roughly 25 homes has been without power for five days. As of Friday afternoon, more than 600 Strongsville customers were still living without juice as a result of the storm.

"We're getting a little testy now," said Marge Wilder.

The Wilders have been eating out a lot because all of the food in their refrigerator has gone bad.

"We have crackers and canned juice and John does a coffee run in the morning," Mrs. Wilder said.

Marge and John are bundling up in extra clothing and using a lantern and a flashlight to navigate their way around their ranch home.

"We have family and they've invited us to come and stay, but we've gone this far. I suppose we'll go through the rest of the weekend, Mr. Wilder said.

But Marge isn't so sure.  "We probably have to give up at some point and go to a motel because we need a shower," she laughed.

The couple indicated they're frustrated with FirstEnergy because their part of the neighborhood loses power about 3 times a year, when it gets too hot or too windy.

"I just find it very hard to believe that they couldn't spare a truck for (us). It's usually a 2-hour fix back here to put us back online. We're a very low priority as far as FirstEnergy goes," John Wilder said.

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