Starbucks says price increase will not impact Ohio

CLEVELAND - The price increase Starbucks announced for some markets in the US will not impact Ohio.

The company said on Tuesday it was going to make regional price adjustments in select markets. The nearly 1-percent increase will go into effect in the Northeast and Sunbelt regions -- except southern Florida and California.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told NewsChannel5 that Ohio is not one of the areas where price changes will be made.

Starbucks said it is making the pricing adjustments as a result of "balancing the cost of doing business with competitive dynamics in these markets." It is not an across-the-board price change, rather only affecting some products.

"Our cost of doing business includes operating expenses such as distribution, materials and commodities (which include coffee, fuel and other commodities associated with beverages, foods, materials and operations)," said a company spokesperson.

The increase will be $.10 for a tall brewed coffee or tall latte in New York City, Starbucks said.

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