Spirit of Goodyear Blimp retires to Florida: Thanks for the memories Akron

Snowbird living for Akron native

Cleveland - The Spirit of Goodyear blimp is retiring to Florida.  After nearly 14 years of service, its useful life as a flying ambassador is nearing an end.

This October day was as beautiful as in comes in northeast Ohio and befitting the departure of this graceful lady. (Watch the video above to see what it's like to ride in the blimp)

The light board on the side flashed, "Thanks for the memories Akron" to the city below.

This iconic fixture is bring replaced by a new airship already under construction in Akron. Modern fly by wire controls  a larger gondola and faster speeds from articulating engines

The Spirit of Goodyear will spend nearly two weeks traveling to Orlando, Fla., and will make stops at several college football games along the way.



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