Rape trial begins for former WEWS sports anchor

Terry Brooks faces charges

CLEVELAND - The trial of former WEWS-TV sports anchor Terry Brooks began today in a Cuyahoga County courtroom with new information about the woman who filed rape and kidnapping charges.

Brooks is accused taking a 22-year-old college student to his own home, where she told police she was repeatedly raped in September 2009. The two met for drinks at a local bar before Brooks allegedly offered to take her home.

Prosecutors told the jury that the woman waited four months to press charges because she was humilated and feared no one would believe her. But defense attorney Fernando Mack said the woman failed to tell police or prosecutors what happened the next night.

"Unbeknownst to this detective, to this prosecutor, that same evening she goes to a party, a function where she's dancing and she's enjoying herself," Mack said.

"My investigation brought that to the forefront so they could have that information so they could evaluate it. She was never going to tell anyone, the evidence will show, that she went out and partied that same night. And when this honorable prosecutor confronted her just two weeks ago, she admitted she went to that party. That's how that information came about."

Mack also claimed the woman lied to a college professor about why she needed to re-take a course.

Mack told the jury the woman claimed her grandfather had just passed away and she needed to go to Los Angeles for the funeral. Instead, Mack claims the grandfather passed away a full year earlier and the woman simply went to Los Angeles and partied on the beach.

The woman is expected to take the witness stand Monday when the trial resumes.

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