Prosecution rests in Ohio Amish beard cutting trial, defense rests without calling witness

CLEVELAND - Prosecutors wrapped up their case against in the hate crimes trial of Amish bishop Sam Mullet Sr. and 15 of his followers Tuesday afternoon.

Mullet, 66, is accused of ordering a series of beard and hair-cutting attacks on several people, including estranged family members and religious enemies. 

Prosecutors called their final witness, bishop Raymond Hershberger. He was one of the victims of the attacks last fall.

"Please don't cut my white hair," Hershberger said while recounting the attack.

Several bishops voted to overturn the excommunications ordered by Mullet against some members of his Amish community. The group of bishops, including Hershberger, decided that the excommunications were not made, according to the Bible.

Prosecutors said Mullet was furious and pointed to that as the motive for the attacks.

Federal prosecutors concluded eight days of testimony. The defense rested their case without calling a single witness.

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