Pothole season is upon us in Northeast Ohio

Snow-covered streets give way to new problems

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - A sure sign of spring - roads that were once snow covered can now be seen. Another sure sign of spring - all of those potholes that are now visible on most of our roads.

Mark Ziaja from the Ohio Department Of Transportation reminds us that it's still early in the season to make any permanent repairs.

"This time of year we use a temporary fix which is a cold mix asphalt. Sometimes we have to patch the same hole again because it pops out. It's not a permanent fix," Ziaja said.

While ODOT only repairs potholes along our highway system, the same rules apply when side streets are in need of repairs. If the streets are still wet from rain or melting snow, the patch will not adhere. While road patching takes place year round, the busiest time is in March. That is when a permenant patch can generally be applied.

It's going to be a while before our roads are back in shape. Winter is not over yet. Ziaja says his crews are ready to take advantage of any little break mother nature may give us.

"There's time when you just can't avoid them and we understand that. We do our best to get out there and get those holes patched."

If you see a dangerous pothole, contact the the local municipality where it is located. Should you spot a pothole or any other problem on any of Ohio's highways,  you can report it at http://buckeyetraffic.org

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