Olmsted Township police near an arrest in hit-skip case that killed teen

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Police in Olmsted Township may be nearing an arrest in the death of a 13-year-old boy hit by a car in a hit-skip case.

On Oct. 17, Charles Kho Jr. was walking along Cook Road with some of his friends, passing out invitations to his 13th birthday party when he was hit.

Acting on a tip, police towed a maroon Sable from the Ganley Body Shop in Middleburg Heights the next day.

The receptionist working inside said the woman was acting strange and insisted on paying for the damage without reporting the accident to her insurer.

"I saw the damage on the right side of the car," the receptionist said. "I told the boss right away that it looked like it hit a person." Police confirmed it was the car they were looking for.

"When they came and started matching up pieces," she said. "It was a sickening feeling."

Police haven't charged anyone. The coroner is expected to release more on the investigation later this week.


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