Wayne County Sheriff's Captain wears body camera while busting meth lab

WAYNE COUNTY, Ohio - It's a meth lab bust from an interesting perspective. The Captain with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office was wearing a body camera when it all went down Tuesday evening.

Authorities busted a meth lab at a trailer home on South Firestone Road in Plain Township. Deputies were helping the MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency in a crackdown. 

Captain Doug Hunter said he strapped on a $300 camera to his chest. It's about the size of a cell phone.

"As technology moves forward, these are more accessible, affordable, and much smaller," Captain Doug Hunter said.

Investigators said they found plenty of chemicals and components used in the manufacturing of meth. They arrested a man named Ronald Britton and charged him with illegal manufacturing of drugs. They also detained other people in the home and said they might be arrested too.

In the past two months, Wayne County officials said they've broken up eight meth labs in the Wayne County area.

According to David Smith, Director of the MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency, the number is alarming. He said in 2010 his drug task force team busted 17 meth labs.

"It's the ease of making it. I truly believe. There's not a lot of cost involved," Smith said.

Wayne County officials said they'll continue to crackdown on meth labs. As far as Tuesday's raid is concerned, the raw video of the bust was submitted as evidence.

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