Summit County man says he interviewed for the infamous deadly craigslist job

STOW, Ohio - A Summit County man said he answered that deadly craigslist ad and was interviewed at an area mall by one of the suspects now in custody.

He thought it was his dream job -- to watch over 688 acres of farmland south of Cambridge, Ohio and live in a two-bedroom trailer rent free and utilities paid.

"That would have been the perfect job for me," Ron Sanson said. "I would love something like that."

Sanson, who lives in Stow, answered an ad for the job on craigslist in early October and was pleased when he was called for an interview. What he didn't know then is that a Florida man who also answered the ad would be found dead in a shallow grave in Noble County and a South Carolina man who also answered the ad would be shot and wounded.

Sanson said he believes the man who interviewed him on Oct. 10 in the food court at the Chapel Hill Mall was Richard Beasley, a suspect in the craigslist case.

He said Beasley told him he was looking for an older, single man for the job. Sanson is 58. He said Beasley showed up for the interview with a binder containing job applications and said he was going to conduct five interviews that day.

"He seemed OK," Sanson said.

Sanson was never offered the job. He heard about the craigslist case and that Beasley is a suspect this past weekend. And in spite of his close call with the case, Sanson, who has been out of work for four years, still searches the want ads on the Internet site every other day.

"Gotta find work someplace," he said.

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