Speed limit jumps to 70 mph on rural stretches of interstate in Ohio

New law for drivers starts on Monday

AKRON, Ohio - Starting Monday, drivers will be able to push that pedal a little closer to the floor on certain stretches of interstate throughout Ohio.

Under a new law, a speed limit of 70 mph will be in place along rural stretches of Ohio highways.

For example, you'll be able to go 70 mph on Interstate 76 between state Route 44 and the Ohio Turnpike. The same goes for I-90 in all of Ashtabula County. The new speed limit will also apply to I-77 south of Fohl Road in Stark County.

Urban area and more congested sections of the interstate will remain at 55 or 65 mph.

"It's not going to 70 in downtown Akron. You'll see the speed limits are going to be the same. Also, in construction zones, those are going to remain those construction zone speed limits," said Brent Kovacs, ODOT spokesman.

Kovacs said several new speed limit signs, currently housed in an ODOT garage, will be installed on Monday.

Sgt. David Garber from the Ohio State Highway Patrol said troopers are prepared to enforce the new speed, but he's also worried there could be more serious accidents.

"There is a potential for a crash increase especially the younger generation. Anytime the speed increases, we know that everybody doesn't obey the speed limit, so they just increase their speed," Sgt. Garber said.

But some drivers feel the speed increase was long overdue.

"People are doing it already, so I feel safer because I'm doing 65 and I'm about getting run over by people doing 70," said Chris Shuster of Medina.

Kovacs said Ohio is the 35th state to post 70 mph speed limits on highway sections. The Ohio Turnpike already has a 70 mph speed limit.

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