Revere High School holds special ceremony to welcome home Staff Sergeant Aaron Hale

RICHFIELD, Ohio - It was a hero's welcome as Staff Sergeant Aaron Hale returned to his high school in Richfield Saturday.

The 34-year-old listens as students from his old high school sing a song that means more to him than most, The Star-Spangled Banner.

He is a soldier in the Army, part of a unit that disables bombs.

A bomb blast injured his face and the shrapnel landed all over his body. It damaged his vision and now he can't see anymore.

Hale says "I'm just a guy who did a job and had an unlucky day. I'm not the only one who got injured and my injuries are far from the worst. So there are a lot of guys out there and a lot of service members that have served their country and came back a little beat up. And they really need support and there are a lot of organizations that do that but they need the communities support."

Right now, Hale says a medical review board will determine if he stays in the service.

He says he would like to stay in so he can train others to know what to look for when dealing with bombs.

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