Akron residents devastated again by flooding after unanswered complaints

AKRON, Ohio - Flash floods hit the Akron-area hard Wednesday.  Residents reported flooding across the city and suburbs.  

When NewsChannel5 first arrived to Glenmount Ave., a portion of the roadway was blocked by a few feet of water.

After spotting her neighbor stranded at her home, Kara Regenos told NewsChannel5, "This has happened several times over the years."

And once more again Wednesday those rain waters and drain back-ups flooded most of the Penguin Avenue Condominiums Wednesday, at least 50 units are located there said a Fire Department member. 

The homes next door to Glenmount Ave. are just as bad if not worse.

"That was my ... first floor," said Dammeon Syroid who looked down his basement steps, into his flooded basement. A friend was able to pull up their pool table halfway up the staircase so it wouldn't get soaked, which blocked Syroid from going all the way down the stairs.

Syroid's backyard, in addition to all of his neighbors' backyards, looked more like a lake. Syroid told NewsChannel5 it's all connected to a creek running along Waterloo Road that is supposed to collect the rain run-off.  

Showing us the damage and debris, he said, "It's just sad. Everybody knows it and all those homes are destroyed."

Back at the condos, Regenos said, "The families that live around here, they're going to lose furniture, they're going to lose cars, they're going to lose so much ... over some rain, something that can probably be fixed very easily. I don't know if it's a probably with the engineering of the canal."

Syroid told NewsChannel5 after past flooding, he called city officials and department after department for help but received no answer. Now the first-time home buyer says he feels like he's stuck.  

"We middle class, we're not, you know, we work every day, we can't afford to rebuild our house every time it floods because it rains.  It's getting ridiculous," said Syroid, "In May 2011, I had to do the same thing, didn't have flood insurance for this area because it's not a flood zone but apparently because the water retention system in Akron is so bad, it's a flood zone now."

Condo owners said the flooding is so bad, an apartment building right at the corner of Glenmount and Penguin Avenues had to be torn down. The water compromised the structure.

Neighbors said that was a little while back but added the floods this year are some of the worst they've seen yet.

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