Rare 'mono mono' twins Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite progressing in Orville

The rare twins who delighted people by holding hands after birth are making progress toward going home.

Their father says Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite are both now taking full bottles and have both gained weight.

They were born May 9 at Akron General Medical Center, grasping hands in a widely seen photo that was online, in newspapers and on national TV. Their dad says many people continue to ask about them.

Bill Thistlethwaite says he and mom Sarah will have a newly painted pink bedroom ready for the girls at their Orrville home.

The identical twins shared the same amniotic sac and placenta. Such births are called monoamniotic, or "mono mono." Doctors say they occur in about one of every 10,000 pregnancies.

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