Quick change scams land crooks behind bars in Summit County

BATH TWP., Ohio - Two crooks are off the streets after being caught carrying out quick change scams in Summit County.

Bath Township police posted to the department's Facebook page that officers recently arrested a 21-year-old woman from Toledo and 34-year-old man from Cincinnati after both were busted scamming cashiers for cash.

Officers are withholding the suspects' names, but said the female suspect attempted to grab cash from the register of a local retail store and then threatened to punch the store clerk. When detained by police, she admitted to trying to quick change stores in the area.

In a similar incident, officers arrested the male suspect after he deliberately confused a cashier to receive more money than he entered the store with. Officers said while paying for a bottle of water, the suspect handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill before confusing her and getting his money back along with seven additional dollars and the bottle of water. When arrested by police, the man was also charged with drug possession before being booked at the Summit County Jail.

Officers have identified him as a suspect in numerous theft cases in the Montrose area.

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