Memorial service to be held for 7 killed in Copley shooting rampage August 7, 2011

COPLEY, Ohio - One year ago Tuesday, the close-knit community of Copley Township was rattled when a man went on a shooting rampage, leaving seven people dead.

Sunday, Aug. 7, 2011, began just as it had every other day on Goodenough Avenue: quiet and peaceful in the Copley Township neighborhood.

Just before 11 a.m., a terrifying sequence of events unraveled.

Michael Hance, 51, went on a shooting spree, firing first at his girlfriend, Rebecca Dieter, who survived the attack, then turning on her family members and neighbors.

Among the slain was 11-year-old Scotty Dieter, his father Craig Dieter, 17-year-old Copley High School student Autumn Johnson and her friend Amelia Shambaugh.

Autumn's grandfather and grandmother, Russ and Gertie Johnson, were also killed during the massacre, along with their son Brian Johnson.

On Tuesday, there will be a memorial service remembering the victims at Copley Community Park.

One of the most chilling accounts from that day was hearing how Hance tracked down the young boy in the basement of a neighbor's house. Hance searched the house before heading to the basement -- a gun in one hand and penlight in the other. That's where he found Scotty and the neighbor's 9-year-old son hiding. Hance killed Scotty without saying a word.

Hance was then killed outside the home when he exchanged gunfire with police.

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