Many residents continue to clean up flooded homes and check insurance policies for coverage

STOW, Ohio - As the river of rain swelled along Greentree Road in Stow Monday night, there was little the Bechtel family could do.

Six inches of water came racing into their basement ruining carpet, tile and some furniture.

"We couldn't keep up with it. My wife and I, the two kids, we were bailing water for about three hours," Chris Bechtel said.

Like many Northeast Ohio flood victims, Bechtel quickly notified his insurance company and was told the damage to his basement would be covered under his policy.

However, the outside damage was a different story. A retaining wall, worth an estimated $5,000, was washed away by the fast-moving water.

"That's all water damage. If it's wind damage, they'll pay for it, but water damage they give you nothing."

Terry Bedell from Hastings-Bedell Insurance in Cuyahoga Falls said flood insurance, available through the federal government and written by independent agents, costs an average of $400 per year.

However, what he really recommends is backup of sewer and drain coverage.

"Believe me, that has saved a lot of people," Bedell said.

He explained that type of coverage is generally not included on a homeowner's policy and is very important when homes flood from floor, toilet or sump crock drains.

"It's relatively inexpensive for what it gives you. For $5,000 worth of coverage, it could run you $65 or $75 a year," he said.

Bedell recommends reviewing policies with agents yearly to make sure all aspects of coverage are understood.

He also suggests calling city hall to find out if your home is more at risk for flooding.

"Usually, the city can tell you whether you're in a special flood hazard area, and even your bank, if you have a mortgage on your home, the bank will often require you to carry flood insurance."

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