Home set to be demolished, a veteran from Akron opens-up to NewsChannel 5

AKRON, Ohio - His home set to be demolished Tuesday, Army veteran Lawrence Modic opened-up to NewsChannel 5 on what has been a losing battle with the City of Akron.

In an interview inside his Lakewood apartment Sunday, 57-year-old Lawrence, or Larry Modic, told NewsChannel 5 of what this home meant to him.

"I got tired of renting here and it's a small little apartment. I wanted something to leave my children and grandchildren, even if it's an investment property, something you know, something more than just a ... a flag," said Modic.

NewsChannel 5 first learned of his situation about two weeks ago when Akron Police took the 57-year-old veteran into custody for making "violent threats."  One of those threats read: "… yes I am willing to take someone's life to do just that, protect what's mine."

"I didn't intend on hurting anyone. It was a show of force," he said of the threats made. Having served the Army for more than 20-years, Modic said that's what he reverted to after exhausted every other resource to try and save his home.

Akron city officials condemned the house at 1480 Manchester Road when officials say Modic failed to attend a hearing back in September. The demolition notice came and by January 16th, Modic was told he had to vacate the property. That's when the threats came according to Akron officials. 

When he first received notice of demolition, Modic said, "I could not believe this. How do you do that, how do you demolish a newly purchased home?" 

Modic told NewsChannel 5 he purchased the home at $10,000 because he knew it needed a great deal of fixing. Calling himself a handyman, he told NewsChannel 5 of plans to little-by-little, renovate the house. But he said the home was condemned for violations the house's previous owner never told him about.

"It appears it was a big deception between the realtor and the owner, the previous owner," said Modic. 

Telling us he is financially strapped, Modic said supporters and local officials are trying to help him raise the $10,000 again so he can purchase another home. Grateful for the support, Modic says he only hopes something will change.

Akron officials have since introduced legislation that would require property owners to disclose housing violations but for Modic, it's too late. Demolition is set for Tuesday. 

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