Obamacare: Glitch may affect early Affordable Care Act subsidies

AKRON, Ohio - If you think the tax credit you're being offered through the government's Health Insurance Marketplace is too low, there may be something you can do about it.

Some people who applied for insurance early on in the enrollment period are finding out that a glitch on www.healthcare.gov may have affected the amount they're expected to pay for the insurance.

"Individuals who applied early on may have in fact not had their income and/or their subsidy or tax credit calculated correctly," said Donna Skoda, Assistant Summit County Health Commissioner.

It happened to Liz Binns, the Akron woman whose problems with insurance enrollment have been followed closely by NewsChannel5.

After learning that insurance for her husband would cost well over $400 a month, and that her tax credit was only $59, Binns deleted her application and started all over again.

With the help of an application counselor from the Summit County Public Health Department, Binns discovered she not only had made a mistake on the income information she entered the first time, but also that there was miscalculation from the website.

"It's made some significant differences for some and where they originally thought their tax credits were going to be very small, like $59, and when it's re-entered, it's almost $600 when it's done correctly," Skoda said.

For Binns, it not only means a larger tax credit of around $600. Now, both she and her husband can get insurance for less than the $400. 

Skoda's advising anyone who applied early on and who has doubts about the numbers to do another application.

If you need help, you can contact the Summit County Public Health Department or call the Health Insurance Marketplace Helpline at 1-800-318-2596.

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