Crooks break Richfield homes, steal jewelry and leave behind jewerly belong to someone else

Detectives post mystery pieces on Facebook

RICHFIELD, Ohio - Police in Richfield are using social media to catch careless — or creepy — crooks who broke into homes, stole jewelry and then left behind jewelry belonging to someone else.

Detectives Michael Swanson posted pictures of the mystery jewelry on Facebook, hoping that someone recognizes the pieces and leads investigators to the suspects.

"Maybe somebody can identify this stuff as being theirs and we can link it potentially to another crime," Swanson said.

The costume jewelry includes a gold shoe that could be a tie tack, a gold leaf that appears to be part of an earring and a pin that reads, "MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS."

Investigators said two homes in The Woods Development were burglarized on March 22 and 23. In both cases, jewelry was taken. However, after processing the homes, one of the homeowners realized three pieces of jewelry did not belong to his family and must have been left behind by the thieves.

Neighbor Ellen Ehlert said she was surprised to hear about the crimes in the nice neighborhood and wonders what the story is behind the jewelry left at a crime scene.

"It will be interesting to find out why they did it. Was it a mistake or was it intentional?" Ehlert said.

Jim Riggiola also lives in the neighborhood and is a retired police officer. He was glad to hear that police are turning to social media to search for the owners and potentially crack the case.

"I think that's phenomenal. The computer is probably the crime tool of the 21st century and if the police department wants to use it to their advantage in solving some of these crimes, my hat is off to them," Riggiola said.

Anyone with information on the jewelry or the break-ins is asked to call Richfield detectives at 330-659-9500 or Summit County Crimestoppers at 330-434-COPS.

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