Copley still coping with shooting rampage six months later

Locals react to Chardon tragedy

COPLEY, Ohio - The memorial bench at the Copley Square is a reminder of those that lost their life during the morning of Sunday Aug. 7 in a Copley neighborhood.

The gunman shot eight people, killing seven, before he was killed by the first police officer responding to the scene. 

Copley, like Chardon, is a relatively safe community with little violent crime. Bob Denton, Executive Director of the Victim Assistance Program of Summit County said tragic events like these are like nerve endings for the community and it's people.

"That's what really hammers people, you know we move out here, we don't have the nonsense of downtown big cities and we don't have the stuff in the schools and all of a sudden you find out, like the principal said, it can happen anywhere," Denton said.

Marcus Bruback runs the Locker Room Barbershop in Copley and grew up near Chardon. He said he thinks the community of Chardon will get through this hard time much like Copley, by pulling together and finding strength in each other. 

He said the people of Copley have a stronger bond then they did before the shootings.

"I think they are getting along a little bit better but over all it is still going to take some time," Bruback said.

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