Colorado flooding reaches northeast Ohio with family member displaced

CLEVELAND - Flooding is only getting worse in Colorado as forecasters warn of more rain.  Thousands have been reported trapped by the raging waters and the situation is just as difficult for those in our area with family there.

Colleen Seitz is a NewsChannel5 employee who lost contact with her mother for about three days before finally being able to reach her again.

"She knows we've all been trying to get a hold of her and that's the worst part," said Seitz.

"There's a little bit of panic in your voice at first, you know, when you have to leave your home and you know you can only take one suitcase with you each, and you have to be airlifted out because eight miles of road is gone.  That's a scary situation. "

We got an update from Seitz after she spoke with her mother on Sunday.  Her mother lives in Larimer County, Colorado whereas many as 1,000 people were awaiting rescue on Sunday.

"I had talked to my mom Thursday morning after the initial reports of the high water and the floods coming through and she said that they had lost power, had one phone working and they were doing fine.  And after that I couldn't get a hold  of her until actually today, finally- you know, worried, I had actually reported her missing to Larimer County and tried to get a hold of anyone out there to find out what was going on," said Seitz.

Our NewsChannel5 colleague said she was able to speak to her mother on the phone, but only after her 76-year-old mother hitched a ride in a 4-wheeler halfway up a mountain and then walked another mile to reach a cell phone service area. 

Seitz said her mother and several more were told they must evacuate by Friday or else be left on their own.  She also said her mother was told they may not be allowed back onto their properties until spring. 

Sunday night, according to the Colorado Office of Emergency Management website, flooding has claimed at least five lives, caused around 11,750 people to be evacuated and another 1,200 to be reported as missing.  Authorities are hoping the number of those missing will significantly lessen once more phone service is restored and those stranded can reach out to family members once more.

Information and updates on the situation in Colorado can be found on the Colorado Office of Emergency Management website:

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