Black Friday shoppers already camped out at Cuyahoga Falls Best Buy

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio - All part of the experience, Tony Avitar and friend Summer Morgan were giving Best Buy customers a tour into their tent.

Sound a little odd? Well, this isn't your normal tent. It's packed with air-mattresses, heat and even Wi-Fi.

Not normally there, Avitar's tent is already pitched-up outside of the Cuyahoga Falls Best Buy for Black Friday.  And get this, he's even been there since last Thursday.

"What brought me out here? The sales!  The sales are just too good to pass up," said Avitar, as he spoke to a curious Best Buy customer.

Morgan, who's helping Avitar make sure he keeps his first place spot said, "I always thought it was a little bit crazy how long he does it for, but I understand because you have to get first place to get what you want."

Avitar told NewsChannel5 this is his ninth year camping out early. He does it so he can buy his five kids gifts at deep discounts. Being on a fixed income, Avitar said it's the best way.

"If somebody wanted, let's say a laptop, I can buy one for $180 here, or I can wait and the regular sales are going to be about $400, $300. It's a no-brainer," Avitar explained.

Avitar's tent was one of three set up Sunday outside the electronics store.

Nick Dolansky, a manager at the Cuyahoga Falls Best Buy said, "You know, this is a first year that we've had multiple people that deep in line already. Usually we have our first man, Tony...who's always there, for nine years now. He's always a week in advance. This year he brought some competition. We absolutely invite it.  We get excited that they're here for the hype."

Dolansky said some Best Buys may tell campers to leave, but there's no ordinance in Cuyahoga Falls that prohibits people from setting-up camp outside.

"I think it's a little ludicrous to be go crazy over one day and to do it a week ahead of time. I don't know, I think I'd rather go to work," said customer James Mayer. 

Not everyone is a fan of the "earlier than early shoppers." But for Avitar, he said it has become more of a bonding experience because some of the kids he's shopping for, actually come camp out with him.

"I like doing things for my kids, but I also like coming down here and spending time with my kids. It's a bonding thing. It's our time together."

Don't you have to work? This is the question many ask, but Avitar said this is actually his time off and tells NewsChannel5, he's a sound man who normally travels with a band. 

Avitar said being first in line will guarantee him certain items because employees give out vouchers for certain electronics on a "first come, first serve" basis.

He wouldn't tell NewsChannel5 what items he is shopping for, but said it's quite the experience. He even plans to have the family over for Thanksgiving inside the tent so he doesn't lose his spot.

"It's not for everybody, believe me. But it works for me. I have this time off every year so it's perfect."

Managers said Best Buy will open at the stroke of midnight.

What do you think? Too early or good idea to camp out? Tell us in a comment below.

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