Black bear sighting west of State Route 91 in Stow

Police officer, residents see large bear

STOW, Ohio - Add another northeast Ohio city to the list of black bear sightings.

Stow police posted to their Facebook page that a black bear was spotted in the City of Stow Monday morning.

They said the bear was first spotted around 8 a.m. west of SR91 in the Heather Hills neighborhood.

A Stow police officer also spotted the bear near a church at Stow and Fish Creek Roads. A third report placed the bear on Berkshire Road.

"We certainly don't feel any threats from the bear. We haven't had any reports that it has harmed any pets or attempted to get near a home," said Stow Mayor Sara Drew.

Mike Kinsey estimated he came within six feet of the bear when he walked out to his garage Monday morning.

"It's not something you expect to see. I expect to see a squirrel or a rabbit," Kinsey said.

A number of black bear sightings were reported in Lake County last week.

Authorities urge people to keep calm and not to approach a bear or try to feed it if. To report observations of black bears, you can call 800-945-3543.

"Generally, they're scared of people and won't harm you, but certainly we don't want people to approach it or provoke it any way," Drew said.

For more information about black bears in the state, click here: visit .

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