Akron woman charged with posing as a fake vet will face more charges

AKRON, Ohio - New charges are expected to be filed against Brandi Tomko within the next few days, according to Akron police. Tomko allegedly pretended to be a veterinarian without a license.

Akron police Detective Steve Null said he received dozens of phone calls and emails after a NewsChannel5 story aired.

"My voicemail was full, I had Post-it notes on my phone, any way to get a hold of me," said Null.

Through their investigation, police found seven more victims, including Robert McGhee. The Gulf War veteran took his beloved service dog to the 35-year-old Tomko in January 2011. McGhee said Tomko diagnosed Allie with diabetes and prescribed insulin. Allie died 10 months later. McGhee didn't realize Tomko was accused of posing as a fake vet until he saw the story on television.

"I'm hurt, I'm angry, I hope she gets what is coming to her," said McGhee.

Police expect to file more than two dozen additional charges within the next week. Akron police said Tomko treated pets at C&D Animal Hospital on Brittain Road, even though she had no formal veterinary training.

They said Tomko drew blood, wrote prescriptions for animals and performed surgeries, including spaying cats and neutering at least one dog. Police said at least four animals died because of Tomko's actions.

The man who put the spotlight on Tomko's alleged actions is Kenny Reymann.

"I don't want any pity on her cause of her drug use. She has been there before and got a slap on the wrist. This time I hope she goes away," said Reymann.

Reymann said his dog Charlie died after he was treated by Tomko.

Tomko is due back in court on April 30.

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