Akron police use tear gas on crowd after car flipped, bottles thrown near University of Akron

AKRON, Ohio - Officers used tear gas on a crowd near the University of Akron over the weekend after police say a car was flipped over.

Akron police said a large party in the 400 block of Sumner Street grew to nearly a thousand people by midnight on Saturday. Several in the crowd kicked and threw beer bottles at a parked car before tipping it onto its roof, police said.

Officers were hit with bottled and cans, while the party-goers were ordered to disperse, according to police. The officers eventually donned riot gear and deployed tear gas.

The crowd finally dispersed by 2 a.m.

Several photos of the incident were posted on Twitter and Instagram, including one from the apparent owner of the car, which said "#RIP baby girl". [Watch YouTube video below. Mobile viewers can use this link:  http://on.wews.com/17KHHF4 ]

Lt. Rick Edwards said they are going to beef up patrols over the next few weekends to check on loud parties and underage drinking. According to Edwards, Akron police is working with the university.

Anyone who can identify the people responsible for damaging the car should call the Akron Police Department Gang Unit at 330-375-2911.

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