Akron police: Man gets stitches after 70-year-old neighbor attacks him with power washer

AKRON, Ohio - A fight between neighbors ended with a 69-year-old man being attacked with a power washer, Akron police said.

The incident happened on June 14, at about 6:27 p.m. on Oakland Avenue in Akron.

According to the police report, 70-year-old Edwin Heatherly was power washing his grill in his driveway when his neighbor became upset about the dirty water splashing over onto his yard. That lead to a confrontation and Heatherly sprayed the victim, who happens to be mute, with the power washer, police said.

The victim tried to fight back by dumping a bucket of water on Heatherly. When his attacker kept spraying him, the victim grabbed the pressure washer nozzle, but that's when Heatherly started jabbing his neighbor in the face and arms, police said.

Eventually, Heatherly's wife called police.

Officers found the victim bleeding while leaning up against his house, the police report said. He was taken to Akron City Hospital, where he received stitches. The man suffered cuts to his face, arms and hands.

Heatherly was charged with felonious assault.

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