Akron couple wants answers after several kittens die within days

AKRON, Ohio - Pam and Douglas Moore are animal lovers. They especially love their two cats. This past winter, a couple of stray cats wandered over to their house. After a little prodding, they got the cats to come up to the house and they started taking care of them.

One of the cats, who they affectionately called "Baby," had two kittens. They named them "Hemi" and "Tagger"

The mother and two kittens played and frolicked on their porch. This past Wednesday, "Baby" carried one of the kittens into the garage and Doug knew it was sick. It died that night. A day and a half later the other kitten died in the garage.

Then a day after that, a neighbor's Siamese cat also died in the garage. That's when the Moores became suspicious. 

"I don't know if they were poisoned but to die like that--boom, boom, boom--something is fishy," said Douglas Moore.

Pam Moore agrees, "Today, they are fine, and by tonight, they are dead. One, I kind of understand. Two makes you question. Three, there is something wrong."

The Moores are trying to get hold of the authorities to find some answers. They also know that a few other cats that are around the neighborhood are also missing.

As for "Baby" Doug saw her this morning crawl underneath a window well and haven't seen her since.

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