Visitors of Pro Football Hall of Fame remember Art Modell

CANTON, Ohio - Visitors at Canton's Pro Football Hall of Fame were saddened to learn of the passing of Art Modell on Thursday.

"He loved pro football. He loved the NFL and he loved Cleveland," said Joe Horrigan, Vice President of communications at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"Modell put the league in front of himself. He always thought about what was good for the league is good for every individual team," said Horrigan.

Many were at the Hall of Fame in Canton for the first time.

"He was able to get the NFL to bring the games to us on Monday nights so we could enjoy the game at home," said William Reynolds, of Atlanta.

"He was a forward thinker in the NFL as an owner," said James Williams from Lakewood, New Jersey

"He did do good things for football, but I'm not sure about how the people in Cleveland feel about things," said Devin Lyders, of Orlando.

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