Southern snow storms reach Northeast Ohio

CANTON, Ohio - There was a mix of snow and slush on the roadways Friday as snowstorms from the south pushed their way into Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland saw around an inch or two of snow by Friday night, although on the highways, that snow quickly melted. 
But further south was a different story as snow blanketed Forster Stadium in Canton for the big high school championship football game of Loveland vs. Glenville. 
Fans, cheerleaders, coaches and even the bands came bundled up but excited none-the-less to be a part of the championship game. 
"Some of the greatest offensive games happen in this type of weather," said Deland McCullough, an Indiana University scout looking forward to the match-up in the snow. 
Fans came with full body suits and face masks.  
"I've got about three layers. I've got hand warmers, foot warmers and in this bag I got a blanket. So I'm going to be pretty covered," said Ed Tepe. 
We jokingly asked, "Can I borrow something?"
Tepe: "It depends on how much money you have on you," he said laughing.
At a convenience store down the street it was a race to fill up your gas the fastest, especially for the people not wearing winter coats... one guy was even in shorts!
"I just got out of the gym," he said, also adding, "it's freezing!"
Fred Stovall was also filling up his tank Friday night and told NewsChannel 5 the roads are "driveable" even though they are a little more covered in some places. 
A truck driver, Stovall says the best thing drivers can do is give themselves plenty of space to break. 
For those hitting the roads Friday and Saturday, Stovall said, "As long as you see the road is like wet, it's good.  but once you see it's not spraying much from your tires, you should probably slow down a lot more."

An ODOT Spokesperson said they are fully staffed tonight with 80 trucks operating between Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake counties. Stark and Summit counties had 35 trucks out Friday night.

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