No agreement yet in student Zachary Aufderheide Canton South hair dispute

Student returned to class Thursday

CANTON, Ohio - The mother of a Canton South High School junior, who has been locked in a battle with his school over hair, said an agreement has not been reached to end the dispute.

Zachary Aufderheide, 17, has been growing his hair long so he can donate it for wigs for kids with cancer.  However, the length violates the school's dress code, and when he refused to cut it, he was slapped with a two day in-school suspension.

Zachary's mother, Robin, said Thursday that the school had offered to let him continue to grow the hair as a community service project.  But she said the contract they want him to sign is vague, with too many loopholes.

"We did not sign it," she said.

Aufderheide said she doesn't like a confidentiality clause in the contract  that prohibits her from talking to the media.

And that's not her only concern.

"If Zach does one little thing and they can just turn around and say well I don't like the way your hair's laying today. This is all null and void and you've got to get your hair cut right now," she said.

NewsChannel5 reached out to the school superintendent Thursday evening, but has not heard back from her yet.

Meanwhile, Zachary returned to his regular classes on Thursday.

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