Hostage suspect Shane Ryan at Massillon Great Clips let family go free

MASSILLON, Ohio - The man accused of holding an employee at a Great Clips in Massillon hostage before being shot and killed was looking for his ex-girlfriend.

The Stark County Sheriff Department identified the suspect in a hostage situation at a Great Clips salon in Massillon as 28-year-old Shane Allen Ryan. Ryan was killed by a member of the Canton SWAT team Sunday night when officers entered the salon.

Police said Ryan's estranged girlfriend is an employee at the Great Clips location on Indian River Road in Massillon. He walked in shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday.

Police said when he didn't find his estranged girlfriend, he took another employee hostage.

A woman who was inside the store with her three kids called 911.

"He said ‘Get your kids out of here right now, ma'am.' So the one girl cutting my daughter's hair, I said ‘Just let her out of the chair. Let's go,'" she told the dispatcher.

The caller told the 911 operator that he would not let the others inside leave.

The standoff lasted about two hours.

Police said at one point the negotiations broke down and that's when the SWAT team went in to prevent the hostage from being harmed.

"Basically, negotiations were deteriorating putting the hostage at a bigger risk by things he was saying, by things he was doing and that's when we decided to send in the entry team," said Massillon Interim Police Chief Bill Peel.

Police said they had dealt with Ryan before.

Peel said roughly six weeks ago, Ryan was on a porch holding a knife, demanding to see his estranged girlfriend. Police used a Taser on Ryan during that incident.

"We are providing support and assistance to our team today in the aftermath of this incident. The location at which the incident occurred is closed today while employees spend time recuperating from the stress of the situation," Great Clips said in a statement.

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