Chester Crank, man accused of killing Pearl Harbor veteran Bennie Angelo, on trial this week

CANTON, Ohio - The man accused of killing World War II veteran Bennie Angelo in his Canton home faces a jury trial this week.

Chester Crank, 34, faces aggravated and aggravated burglary charges in the 2007 death of Angelo.

Canton Police responded to Angelo’s residence at 1827 Endrow Ave. NE on Jan. 7, 2007 after the Canton Fire Department discovered a gunshot wound on his body during a fire at his residence.

Investigators believe the fire was intentionally set to conceal the crime. Crank was not arrested until 2013.

Prosecutors said that Crank admitted to the crimes when he was drunk.

Tuesday, Crank's defense argued that he was drunk and his words were not true. His cousin called the tip in to police from jail, and only wanted to collect a $15,000 reward, they argued. Further, DNA evidence was destroyed during the fire and when firefighters used hoses to extinguish it.

A family member, police officer and a firefighter testified Tuesday morning. The trial is expected to continue all week.

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