Anonymous tipster made more serious allegations against Jackson Township coach Scott Studer in 2011

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Nearly two years ago, an anonymous tipster reported more serious allegations against the now resigned Jackson Township High School freshman basketball coach.

New developments in the investigation of former Jackson High School freshman basketball coach Scott Studer.

Studer resigned after he was accused of videotaping players in his locker room.

But nearly two years ago, an anonymous tipster made more serious allegations, including accusations by a person claiming to have been fondled by Studer 15 years earlier.  

NewsChannel5 was mailed a copy of the police report from January 2011. It centers on an anonymous email that was forwarded to Jackson High School that month.

School officials met with the Jackson Township Police Department the next day gave officers a copy of the email.

"I am writing this to notify your school that you have a sex offender coaching your freshman basketball team. His name is Scott Studer. How do I know? When I attended Jackson over 15 years ago, I was invited by Coach Studer to spend the night at his house. I was a player under him as a freshman," John Doe wrote.

The player went to Studer's house where he said sometime during the night, Studer came his room and "uncovered the blankets covering me and pointed a flashlight at my private area. Scott then reached down and fondled my penis."

John Doe also wrote he said nothing for years, fearing no one would believe him. He decided to finally come forward as an adult because he feared other boys could be at risk.

Chris DiLoreto, superintendent of Jackson schools, said an internal investigation was done immediately after receiving the allegations in January 2011 and Studer was questioned by school officials.

Jackson Township detectives reached out to the John Doe through email explaining for an investigation to be done, a formal report must be made while the person still remained anonymous.

But there was no collaboration to the anonymous email.

Police said they can't comment further because it's part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

At the time of the anonymous email allegation, no one knew Studer would be accused later of secretly videotaping students in the shower.

So far, 74 students have been by Jackson Township police in the Studer videos, but there is much more footage to go through.

Studer's bond has been set at $2 million.

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